It’s Finally Over! … Not

After a semester of pouring our hearts out, wringing our brains like wet towels, and putting our blood, sweat and tears into our final chair prototypes, we have finally reached the end.

P 08 P 07

We had 2(ish) weeks to build our chairs and we spent every waking moment on them. Many of us had unexpected problems… whether they were structural, laminate-related, or due to the busyness of a design school’s wood shop at the end of the semester, we all persevered and worked through them.

P 01 P 05 P 06 P 04

Once the prototypes were finished, most of us had only a day or two to get our presentations, and our nerves, together. Some of us had even less time. Nevertheless, we all finished, and we all stood proudly by our chairs that Friday morning.

We had just a few minutes to make our cases to Grace and the other judges, throughout which they would only make notes, then move on silently to the next student. Well, after Grace tested out the sturdiness and of our chairs, of course. It was a nerve-wracking affair, and the judges deliberating for over an hour only served to induce more anxiety within our sleep deprived, exhausted designers-to-be.

After an eternity, the judges emerged from gallery that housed their discussion, and announced….

infinite icon strata satellite lowland cora

Cora, Strata, icon, Lowland, Satellite……… and INFINITE. 

Arturo, Abizer, myself, Aaron, Carrah, and the lucky winner Jenny will all be going to New York next spring to ICFF!

Whether we are going to New York or not, our work with WilsonArt is far from over, and we are all excited, exhausted, and above all, grateful for the opportunity to work with the WilsonArt.

ICFF 2014!!!


By Paulina Seng

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