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A PRESSURE of 400 lbs!

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With many of our designs being finalized this week, we all had different challenges to overcome with our chairs. Some had to go a back and take a different approach to their design, few make refinements and others consider their building process. The days towards the final model are quickly approaching and time to make decisions is urgent. Absolute concentration is needed to reach our goals whether finalizing design or testing the overall validity of the chairs structure.

In order for us to continue and get a real feel of how things scale up from half scale to full scale, the class did a full scale drawing of our chairs. This helped a lot of partially experience our chairs and examine how the form translated into full scale. This was beneficial as it was a quick yet effective way to notice challenges and minute details we could adjust into the full scale. There were plenty of challenges and we all received plenty feed back and recommendations to approaching our individual obstacles.

Jeff also showed us a a video of a line walker and the challenges he had to over come in order to walk the line he had been practicing on for months. It takes an awful lot of practice and determination to achieve something that you can be truly proud of. With that said, the same can be said about our design, we all need to keep going and pushing ourselves with our designs. Although all of us have many obstacles and frustrations we need to keep focused and continue onto our goal. We are determined as a class and excited of the outcome we will all produce.

By Abizer Raja



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