Midterm Review

After a long difficult week of model building, it was finally time to present our chair designs to Grace Jefferson at our midterm review.



Grace came down from New York to give her input on our ideas so far. We presented her with some sketches and models of our earlier ideas along with a laminated half scale model of our selected concept. Students concepts ranged from interpreting the theme “Space” in a very spacial sense (i.e. implied space, enclosed space, etc.), to interpreting it in more literal terms of outer space (weightlessness, space flight). Grace reassured some students that their designs are going in the right direction, while leading other students to question their design because they were lacking in the areas of branding, safety, or just general aesthetics and usability. Ultimately Grace made it clear that the main goal of all our chairs should be to show off the laminate and look hot doing it.

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By John Proffitt

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