Brainstorming to Kick-off Our Ideation

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What is a better way to start a project than having a brainstorming session? When it comes to design, getting in small groups and discussing different ideas with your classmates is really more helpful than you can imagine.

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On Friday, September the 20th, our studio decided to have a brainstorming session; therefore we were divided in groups of 5 or 6 people. Instead of picking our own groups, the groups were randomly chosen in order to push ourselves to be out of our comfort zone and let our creative juices flow.  The day before, we had been asked to bring to class 3 pictures of our favorite things from mid-century modern design, the Wilsonart house and the theme of space. This allowed us to think ahead and be prepared for the brainstorming session the next day. On Friday, once we were in our small groups, every person had to explain his or her 3 favorite things along with the pictures that were brought, then the other people will respond with feed back and ideas. This was really helpful because we were all in a good mood and had an open mind to everyone’s ideas. Also, It was interesting to see all the directions that every one is taking with the project, specially the different interpretations of theme “space”. This creative exercise definitely helped us have a more clear direction to move forward and made most of us develop new ideas for our chair.

By Daniela Veronica

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