The Wilson House: A Mid-Century Modern Time Capsule


As our field trip to Temple, Texas came to an end, our guides from Wilsonart saved the best stop for last, The Wilson House. We didn’t quite know what to expect; we knew the story of the house and its importance in the laminate “world”, but what we didn’t know was that we would be stepping into a laminate treasure.


Walking through the door of the seemingly average house on a dead-end street was like hopping into a portal that took us back in time. After taking the first step into the house, we couldn’t help but feel happy; the vibrant colors that surrounded us plus the amazing people that received us, made us immediately feel at home.



Before the awaited tour of the house, we sat down and enjoyed a delicious lunch the people from Wilsonart prepared for us. Thank you guys!



After the delicious treats we sat down to hear the novel-like story of how the house was saved from being demolished, told by the hero herself, Grace Jeffers. She did not only stop the demolition but convinced the company to keep the house and went on to lead the restoration of what is now a National Historic Landmark!


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Grace took us on an exclusive tour showing us the use of laminate throughout the house; the material is everywhere but ceilings and floors. It is truly incredible!

Visiting this amazing house gave us a better understanding of the use of laminate and the mid-century modern style, making us even more motivated to find out what we can do with the material. Thank you to everybody from Wilsonart who took the time to make this field trip amazing! And thank you Grace for saving the house!


By Adriana Ayala

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