Lecture on Chair History and Morphorlogy

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On September 13, Grace Jeffers was kind enough to give us a lecture on the history and the anatomy of a chair. She expressed a great passion for the history and the evolution of all of the chairs that she showed us. We were given specific instructions at the beginning of the lecture about how we weren’t allowed to take notes, but instead we were encouraged to draw the one hundred chairs that she showed us. Throughout the lecture we were introduced to some of the most amazing details on chairs and the names of the different parts of the anatomy of the chairs. We got to see the development of these chairs, and how different styles influenced new designs. To most, a lecture on chairs may sound dull and unimportant, but to a group of aspiring designers such as ourselves, this lecture allowed us to grow and to see the design of chairs in a new light. The details and that craft that was demonstrated to us in this lecture has had an impact on the way we look at design.

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We did rough sketches of every chair that she showed us, and labeled the different parts of the anatomy of the chairs. In our drawings, we paid attention to the small details that made up the entire chair and labeled them so that they could be identified later on in our process of design.

By Brenda P Arguello

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