Bonner Congress 2015

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The University of Houston Bonner Leaders Program is hosting the 2015 Bonner Congress. Spearheaded by juniors Kaitlyn Palividas and Grace Schwarz, three committees have been created to address the numerous tasks required in preparation for BonCon 2015. Freshmen, in particular, have served as important players in the planning of this 3-day long event. Therefore, we asked three freshmen to share about BonCon, the committee they serve on and their goals for this congress.

Kiana Farokhpour, Logistics committee:

The Logistics Team for Bonner Congress is in charge of all the detail planning and making sure the whole Congress runs smoothly. This means assigning representatives with Host Bonners to stay with, providing emergency information should anything go wrong, managing parking, and setting up everyone’s favorite part of any event: the meals. We think of the minute details and all … Read More »

Bonners Study Abroad

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When asked to write a paragraph about their study abroad trips to share with everyone, a few Bonners couldn’t even fit their experience into one paragraph. Here are the short & lengthy reflections of those who experienced something special this summer. 


Chloé Stowell | F.E.E.T Scholarship (Europe) & AALIM (Morocco)

For the past month, I have been traveling throughout Europe and North Africa learning new languages, experiencing cultures, and meeting wonderful people. My summer began a day after finals on my flight to Amsterdam with my fellow traveler, Samantha. Samantha and I were awarded the Faber-Economon European Travel Scholarship for this summer. From Amsterdam, we traveled by train to Paris, Geneva, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Each city held new experiences and cultures that were always surprising. This trip was more of a vacation, but it taught me how to plan … Read More »

Summer 2015: Bonner Edition

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What are the UH Bonners up to this summer?

Some Bonners told us how they are spending the summer of 2015 and it looks busy! Here’s a glimpse at what some of them are doing before classes start up again this fall.

Jeffrey Hong | Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Classification: Rising Sophomore

In fall of 2014, an idea crossed my mind. I thought, what if smart watches were placed into a 3x3x3 cube configuration with a face of 9 smartwatch screens? That question sparked my interest to seeing how the idea could be more developed into a practical product. “Would an array of nine smart watches be capable of cluster computing?” The more questions I found, the more questions I had. Soon, I had thought of a general concept of creating a prototype product, enough to create a general project proposal. Having done … Read More »

MLK Day of Service

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“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

After months of planning and preparation, the MLK Day of Service took place on January 24, 2015. The event was a great success with over 450 volunteers coming together to serve Houston’s Third Ward community and beyond.

We often go about our lives without realizing that there are people living right in our community who are not as fortunate as we are. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., we wanted to dedicate a full day to serving this community. Grace Schwarz, a sophomore Bonner Leader and co-organizer of UH MLK Day of Service, conceived this idea and initiated planning for the project with her Bonner co-organizer Kaitlyn Palividas in 2013, while they were both freshmen. With the … Read More »

Bonner Mid-Year Update

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The Bonner Mid-Year Update is completed and ready to view!
Our team has worked hard to put together a comprehensive report of project updates and achievements.


Click here to flip through the update!

2nd Big Ideas Presentation

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Big Ideas Presentations consists of project leaders presenting their projects to a group of qualified individuals who provide constructive feedback. November 13th marked our second successful Big Ideas event. We had a spectacular turn out and five projects had the chance to present their ideas.

Coog Chefs

Coog Chefs aims to provide hot, nutritious, local meals to residents of the Third Ward. The team took a trip to Baylor University to tour the Campus Kitchen project there. They came back with a better understanding of how to organize and run food recovery on campus.

Cultivate Health

Cultivate Health aims to spread awareness about what characterizes wellness, educate low income people on how to break the cycle, and promote welfare and student involvement in our local community.



WALIPP academy is a charter school located in the Third Ward just a couple miles … Read More »

Project and Partner Placement 2014

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On this page you will register your current preference for the service work you’ll be doing in the fall. For now, don’t worry about transportation or other logistics, and this is not binding: just tell us which projects or partners sound most interesting to you. You will have a chance to learn more at the Annual Program Launch event, and the program directors will be working with students closely on placements.

You can register your first- and second-choice preferences using the drop-down menus below.


2013-2014 Mid-Year Update

Our Inaugural Semester

The Bonner Leaders Program at the University of Houston has had a banner first semester. In August we welcomed our inaugural class—the largest Bonner inaugural class ever. They stepped into an environment in which they are expected to lead, and they have not disappointed.

The mid-year update contains a look at some of their projects and accomplishments. They have accomplished an astonishing amount in just fourteen weeks. They’ve revitalized the campus community garden, started a new recycling program, applied to the Clinton Global Initiative University, and represented our campus at the national Bonner Congress. They’ve also been building their program. Students wrote a constitution, elected a leadership council, and are now engaged in the process of recruiting and selecting next year’s class.

Click the image at right to read more about what we’ve been working on.

Bonner Leaders Program Requirements

Students may apply for Bonner Leaders if they meet the following criteria:

Accepted for admission to both the University of Houston and the Honors College at the University of Houston
Completed and submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Eligible for Federal Work-Study

The deadline for applications for the 2013-2014 academic year is March 18, 2013. Late applications will not be considered.

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Bonner Updates

Posts and updates from the Bonners.

Training and Enrichment: Christopher A. Smith

This week, Bonners had the opportunity to meet with Christopher A. Smith, Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy at...

Bonner Receives Regents’ Award

On Thursday, February 18th, 2016, the University of Houston System Board of Regents presented the Regents’ Academic Excellence Award to the Bonner Program in...

Bonner Congress Reflection

Dr. Seuss’s On Beyond Zebra!: that was the closing for the keynote speech of the 2015 Bonner Congress. This year’s speaker, KIPP co-founder Mike Feinberg,...

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