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logo_w_lgWe’re getting excited and ready for the Houston Urban Debate League (HUDL) Summer workshop coming up next week (7/29-8/2)!

Check out some of the resources we’ve put together for the institute:



Learning Tools –Untitled picture

Memrise Course – Available Here

Evidence –
Mexico Ports of Entry Aff – Improves infrastructure at US-Mexico border ports, advantage: Economy
Mexico Ports of Entry Neg – Answers aff, includes maquiladora turn
China Disadvantage – China is increasing their economic influence with Mexico, US engagement crowds them out, Destroys the Chinese Economy, War
Advanced Evidence-
Relations Advantage Aff/Neg – An additional advantage for the ports aff

States Counterplan – The 50 states (or perhaps the border states) improve border infrastructure, which actually has some evidentiary support.

Topicality – Economic Engagement isn’t Commerical Engagement, the plan is just facilitating Commerce
Trade Promotion Authority Politics Disad – Politics disadvantage at its best. Obama needs political capital to get trade promotion authority (“fast-track”) that’s key to the WTO. I am serious that these are quite literally some of the best politics cards I’ve ever cut.


UH Policy Debate Blog

Honors Policy Debate team argue merits of fracking – The Daily Cougar
Jenny Reiss Fracking is neither sustainable nor will it bridge the way towards renewable energy

Any environmental risk is reason enough to calm enthusiasm for...

And we’re off!

The team has departed, with Nader, for GSU. #GoCoogs

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