How to upload data from different spreadsheets to the same gradebook column in Learn.

If you have several TAs who upload grades to Learn or several instructors share the same grade book in a merged course, you may have a need to upload several times to the same gradebook column using different source documents.

To understand how to upload multiple times to the same column in Learn, you must first understand how Learn tracks columns. Each column is given a 4-6 digit column ID. When you download your gradebook from Grade Center, you will see this column ID  in the header of each column. This code is needed to match the column in your offline spreadsheet to the same column in Learn.

To upload multiple times to the same gradebook column:

  1. From Full Grade Center, click the action link for the column and select Quick Column Information.
  2. Note the column ID.
  3. Open the spreadsheet with the data you want to upload. Note: Remember, a column with CougarNet IDs are necessary to upload any gradebook files to Learn. Also, be sure to keep a back-up copy of any data in case you encounter a problem.
  4. Enter the column ID in the column header with the relevant data (e.g. Assignment 5 | 71236). Note: It is very important you use the correct code. Double-check the column ID before you proceed.
  5. Upload to Grade Center.
  6. Repeat steps 3-6 as necessary to upload all data. Scores will be added to the existing Grade Center column.

When will You Use This?

These steps are helpful when working with a variety of data including Testing Center results and third party publisher scores. Any data with CougarNet IDs can be uploaded multiple times to gradebook without needing to download a new sheet from Grade Center.

This can also be used by TAs working on a spreadsheet downloaded at the beginning of the semester. You can create the grade center column, email the TAs the column code, and they can upload multiple times to the same column without needing a new grade center download.

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