How to Run a Blackboard Collaborate Session

You’ve created and deployed your Blackboard Collaborate session and now you’re ready to meet with your class online. Follow the steps below to run your Blackboard Collaborate session.

NOTE: You will follow the same steps to record an asynchronous session for your students to access and watch on their own.

  1. From Control Panel > Course Tools > Blackboard Collaborate, click the session you want to access. NOTE: Java is needed to launch a Blackboard Collaborate session. You may be required to download and launch a Java applet to continue. You may also be prompted to select your connection type.
  2. Once the Blackboard Collaborate session opens, load any content (e.g. PowerPoint slides) and test your microphone/webcam, if necessary. Click here to learn more about the available Blackboard Collaborate Session tools.
  3. Once you are ready to begin, click Start to begin recording the session.
  4. Once the session is finished, click the Recording button to stop/pause the recording. NOTE: Recording button is actually a “Pause” button. Each session is a continuing recording session for the duration of the scheduled time. You can click on the Recording button to pause the recording and then click on the Recording button again to resume the recording. NOTE: Recorded session cannot be created until every student leaves the room.
  5. Click OK to verify you want to stop/pause the recording.
  6. When you are finished with the session, click File > Save > Chat or Participants list or Quiz or Whiteboard to save data any from the course meeting, if necessary.
  7. Close out the session window. Click OK to confirm you want to leave the session. NOTE: The session will remain open and accessible until the predetermined end time.

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