How to Use Pictures as Answers in Clicker Slides

Text-based answer options can be converted to pictures when visual aids would be beneficial to the audience.

Since pictures are being used as answers, the horizontal and offset charts will not align correctly with the answers. It is recommend that a vertical, 3D pie, distributed pie or doughnut chart be used. Short answer, essay and moment to moment slides do not support the Convert to Picture tool.

  1. Create a polling slide. The text in the answer region will be replaced by pictures. Therefore, it is recommended to use descriptive words or phrases in the answer region because this text will be used for the chart labels, reports, extracted question lists and in the session editor. Correct answer indicators need to be inserted on the slide before converting it to a picture slide.

  1. Use PowerPoint’s Insert > Picture menu to insert one picture for each answer choice.
  2. Resize and arrange the pictures so that they are properly displayed on the slide.
  3. To assign the pictures to proper answer choice follow these steps:
    • Ensure that no objects on the slide are selected by clicking outside the slide.
    • Click the picture that corresponds to the first answer choice.
    • Hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click the second picture. Now both the first and second pictures are selected.
  4. Repeat step c for each additional picture until all of the pictures have been selected.
  5. Click Tools on the TurningPoint ribbon and select Convert to Picture.

The pictures are given a label and the text-based answer options are now hidden. The pictures can be resized and arranged as necessary.

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