How to Customize Clicker Slides

TurningPoint offers several static and interactive objects you can add to slides. Two useful objects are the Countdown Indicator and Correct Answer Indicators.

Countdown Indicator

This timer provides a visual cue that polling is about to close as it counts down to zero. When the countdown expires, the indicator disappears and polling is automatically closed.

  1. Launch TurningPoint and click PowerPoint Polling.
  2. Click Object on the TurningPoint Ribbon and select Countdown.
  3. Select one of the four different designs.
  4. The indicator is placed on the slide. You can move or resize to better fit the slide.
  5. To change the length of the countdown, click on the number and set it to the desired countdown length.
  6. Click OK.

Correct Answer Indicator

  1. Click Object on the TurningPoint Ribbon and mouse over Correct Answer Indicator.
  2. Select a Correct Answer Indicator.
  3. TP places this indicator on your slide. This indicator will appear after polling is finished and you click to advance the slide.

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