How to Create a Basic PowerPoint Polling Presentation

  1. Launch TurningPoint and click PowerPoint Polling.
  2. Click New from the TurningPoint tab ribbon to view menu of pre-defined slides. They are categorized by the type of question e.g. Multiple Choice, True and False, etc. For instance, select Multiple Choice. TurningPoint inserts a vertical slide that contains a question, answer, and a graph region.
  3. Select the question region and type your question text.
  4. Select the answer region and enter the answers. You can enter a maximum of ten answers per slide. (Click anywhere in the white margin space to pull up the bar graphs.)
  5. Set the Answer Value under scoring options in slide preferences window. Select the correct option and TP will automatically label others as Incorrect.
  6. Once you select the correct answer choice, you will notice that the color of the graph colors will change to red and green if the correct/incorrect color scheme has been set.
  7. You can also assign Correct and Incorrect point value in the Slide Preferences window.
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 to insert additional slides. DO NOT COPY THIS SLIDE AND REINSERT IT IN THE SAME PRESENTATION!

Once you have the basics in place, you can reorder slides, apply fonts and color schemes, shrink or expand the graphs, text, and images just as you would in PPT. Be sure to edit all question slides in TurningPoint only. The TurningPoint ribbon should be visible when editing slides.

When you are finished, save as you would any PowerPoint presentation.

Click here for more information about default presentation settings.

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