Concept Generation 1

After our kick-off brainstorming session at the end of last week, we each presented our 20+ concepts for our chair design.  It was encouraging to see all different approaches we took.

kitchen metal_laminate_kitchen_cabinet

Once our designs were narrowed down to two or three strongest concepts, we started working on ¼ scale models to better visually express our design intent.


Much of the week was spent building our study models while professor Feng went around studio having individual reviews with students.  It was not a bad thing that we were all so focused on our models and designs but our professor wanted us to take a short time out to steps back for a couple of minutes and consider the overall goal of this challenge, mainly, the artistic beauty of our chair design.

carlton-memphis   07

At the end of the week we were given a lecture about the beauty of laminate as well as looking at inspirational works from Memphis Design, Zaha Hadid, Sori Yanagi, Henry Moore, Louis Poulsen and other influential designers.  We also spent some time studying past Wilson Art Challenge winners and talked about what made each of these designs so effective and beautiful.  After the lecture we all walked away with a better understanding and direction to our design approach.

By Alberto Fung

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