The Smithilton Foudation: Annual Call For Applications

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Each year the Smithilton Foundation accepts applications for new and collaborative work in the fight against poverty. The Foundation makes annual grants of up to $10,000 per project to individuals and organizations who can make a measurable and sustained difference in the lives of others. The Smithilton Foundation is interested in grants in any field of research, policy, or service that have the potential to make significant positive impacts on the lives and opportunities of the economically disadvantaged.

Applications are evaluated by means of a panel review based on four equal criteria:

  1. Does the work have the potential to be transformative?
  2. How well supported–theoretically, empirically, and logistically–is the work?
  3. Does the work address an urgent need?
  4. Will the results of the work be assessable?

Each application is read by a panel of reviewers, who then make recommendations to the Foundation.

To be considered for a Smithilton Foundation Grant, please complete the application below. Applications are due by midnight central time on November 25, 2014.

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