Athletic Events for Feb 24th through Mar 8th

BASEBALL (usually at Baseball field) – Sign-in Sheet at Baseball field

  • Weds 25th      3 pm           vs Rice (AT RICE!!!!  Our biggest baseball rival!)


  • Fri 27th        3:30 pm       vs Baylor (I hate Baylor!)
  • Sat 28th        12:00 pm    vs UC Irvine (a baseball power house!)
  • Sun 1st         6:00 pm        vs Texas A&M (Need one say more!)
  • Weds 4th       4 pm            vs UTSA
  • Fri 6th            6:30 pm      vs Cal Poly
  • Sat 7th           2:00 pm      vs Cal Poly
  • Sun 8th          noon           vs Cal Poly

MEN’S BASKETBALL (at Hofheinz arena) – sign-in sheet by student entrance  17-8 and 8-4 in Conference

  • Sat 28th 3 pm vs Rice AT RICE!!!!!!  Go along and cheer for YOUR team!!!
  • Wed 4th 7 pm vs MEMPHIS ON TV.  BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!
  • Sat 7th 7 pm vs SMU  LAST HOME GAME OF THE SEASON!!!!

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL (at Hofheinz arena) – sign-in sheet by student entrance  17-9 and 9-5 in Conference


SOFTBALL (usually at softball field) – Reigning Conference Champions 2 years in a row!!!  Slumping this season!  YOU NEED TO GO AND SUPPORT THEM!

  • Weds 4th       6:00 pm vs Texas A&M (AGGIES!!!!!!)

SWIMMING AND DIVING (at the Natatorium)

Best diver in the country……


Feb 25th through Feb 28th.

TENNIS  Team is 12-1!!!  SCARY GOOD.  Best team thus far this semester!!!!

Not home again until March 15th – to play Yale!!!????
TRACK AND FIELD – at Yeoman Field House.  Reigning Conference Indoor Champions

One of the fastest in the country is at UH!



Not-so-cool Alums

<strong>(some would put Tom Delay and Ken Lay here)</strong>

Brigitte Boisslier (2002 claims of giving birth to cloned human)
Charles Rogers (Icebox Murderer, possible JFK Assassin!)
Michelle Smith (Irish swimmer with huge drug controversy)

Famous Faculty

Management is one of 5 departments nationally to have multiple members of the Management Hall of Fame (including #1 ranked!)

2 Nobel Laureates associated with UH (cf. 3 with UT, 2 and 1/450th at A&M and 2 at Rice)
Jody Williams in Social Work (Peace Prize, 1997)

More combined Pulitzer, Nobel and Tony award winners at UH than any other school in Texas

Stuart Ostrow won 2 Tony awards.  Associate Director of Chicago (Faculty)
Mark Medoff won Tony for Children of  a Lesser God (visiting faculty 2008)
Sidney Berger, co-founder and former President of Shakespeare Theatre Association of America as well as National Theatre Conference (Faculty)
Edward Albee (3 Pulitzer Prizes and a Tony) faculty from 1989 – 2003

Abbey Simon (internationally renowned pianist – one of most recorded in world)

Paul Chu – National Science Medal Winner – world expert on superconductivity

Neal Amundson (National Academy of Science) (Chem Eng and Math)

Jan-Åke Gustafsson, a renowned figure in the study of hormones and a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Assembly (Biology and Chemistry)

Famous Alums (Non-sports)

Former secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings
Philip Zelikow (executive director of 9/11 commission)
Michael P. Jackson (Former Deputy DIrector of Homeland Security)
Kamal Kharazi (former Iranian Foreign Minister)
Brian Montgomery (Assistant Sec of Housing)
Peter Roussel (former White House Press Secretary)

Tom Delay

2008 Pulitzer Prize winner, Adrees Latif
2008 Miss USA, Crystle Stewart
2009 Miss Wheelchair America, Michelle Colvard

Rod Canion (co-founder of Compaq)
Samuel DiPiazza (CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers)
Karen W. Katz (CEO Neiman Marcus Group)
Ken Lay (former CEO of Enron!)
Alwyn Lewis (former CEO of Sears and KMart)
Bruce Williamson (CEO of Dynergy)

Dan Rather
Jim Nantz
Jack Valenti (Motion Picture Association of America, invented R, PG-13 etc :)
Quaid Brothers (Randy and Dennis)
Robert Wuhl
Brett Cullen
Loretta Devine (Boston Public and Gray’s Anatomy)
Larry Blyden (What’s my line)
Star Jones (The View)
Brent Spiner (Data in Star Trek, Next Generation)
Jim Parsons  (Big Bang)

Gregory Chamitoff (Astronaut)
Bonnie Dunbar (Astronaut)
William Fisher (Astronaut)
Bernard Harris (Astronaut)
Akihiko Hoshide (Astronaut)
John (Danny) Olivas (Astronaut)
Rex Walheim  (Astronaut)

Justin Dart (Presidential Medal of Freedom)

Larry Gatlin (of the Gatlin brothers)
Keith Grimwood (of Trout Fishing in America)
Kenny Rogers
Lil Wayne
Master P

US Legislature:

Gene Green
Ted Poe

Texas Legislature (I believe but am willing to be corrected that we have 2nd most alums in the Legislature of any school):

Alma Allen
Carol Alvarado
Bill Callegari
John Davis
Yvonne Davis
Jessica Farrar
Mario Gallegos (Senate)
Ana Hernandez
Chuck Hopson
Dora Olivo
Larry Phillips
Senfronia Thompson
Sylvester Turner
Leticia Van de Putte (Senate)
Hubert Vo
Armando Walle
Randy Weber
Royce West (Senate)
John Whitmire (Senate)
Beverly Wooley
Judith Zaffirini (Senate)
John Zerwas

Famous Sporting Alums

Olympic Gymnast Shannon Miller
Olympic Gymnast Hilary Grivich
Olympic Track and Field Carl Lewis
Olympic Track and Field Leroy Burrell (current UH track coach)
Olympic Diver Yulia Pakhalina (2 silvers this time, gold, silver and bronze in previous ones; 3 times national champ while at UH) (shared 3 m synchronized silver with current UH student, Anastasia Pozdniakova)

Overall, more Olympic medals than all but one other school in Texas.


Andre Ware (Heisman Trophy Winner)
Wilson Whitley (Lombardi Trophy Winner)
Tom Landry (former Cowboys Coach)
Wade Phillips (current Cowboys Coach)


Cylde Drexler (NBA all-time top 50)
Hakeem Olajuwon (NBA all-time top 50)
Elwin Hayes (NBA all-time top 50)
Otis Birdsong
Don Chaney
Bo Outlaw
Carl Herrera

Golf: 16 National Championships!!! (2nd or 3rd 8 more times!!)

Fred Couples
Steve Elkington
John Slaughter
Hal Underwood
Fuzzy Zoeller


Michael Bourne (Astros)
Jesse Crain (Twins)
Wayne Graham (Rice coach)
Rob Johnson (Mariners)
Garrett Mock (Nationals)
John Moores (owner of San Diego Padres)
Chris Snyder (Diamondbacks)

Also – don’t know how much of a sport it is (sorry, ESPN) but the famous poker player

Johnny Chan

attended UH!

Sports History


More National Championships than all but one other school in Texas.

Basketball Game of the Century – UH vs UCLA in 1968

Basketball most shocking defeat – UH vs N C State in 1983!

Football Classic Cotton Bowl (another loss) – UH vs Notre Dame on Jan 1, 1979

More Basketball NCAA Final Fours than UT and A&M combined

Dominant Golf Program until late 80’s

Dominant Sprint Program

First major Texas school to integrate sports

Ranked UH Departments

1st or 2nd best Optometry School in the country (vying with UC Berkeley) depending on the year

Top 3 Hotel Restaurant Program in the country (Cornell better for “theory,” UNLV better for gaming; we’re generally best all round)

Health and Human Performance 1st in country (Academic Analytics, 2008)

2nd best Creative Writing Program

Program for Excellence in Selling 1st in country

Entrepreneur Program 1st in country

Marketing Department, 9th in country (Academic Analytics, 2008).

Finance Department, 8th in country (Academic Analytics, 2008)

Evening MBA best in Houston, 4th best in State

Management Program, top 15 according to students (2009) (Link here)

5th Nationally among Public Schools for producing CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies (tied with Dartmouth and Michigan!)

QUEST program in Dept of Education, Distinguished Program in Teacher Education by the Association of Teacher Educators  (2007)

College of Social Work, ranked 36th nationally

Law School Health Law program is currently ranked 2nd in the Nation and has been ranked in the top 3 for each of the past 11 years.
Also nationally ranked in Advocacy and Intellectual Property Law.  Overall ranked #60 but only 25 schools have 3 or more ranked programs.

2008 Texas Advanced Research Program, 2nd most in # of awards and funding in entire state.

1st or 2nd most Diverse Major Research University (depending on year)

2008 #14 for undergrad degrees and #12 for doctoral degrees to Hispanics.  Top 10 for Pharmacy, optometry, architecture, psychology, business, communications

2008 Student Stock Analysis Team placed 3rd in the world (best US team)

Engineering Women in Engineering Program recognized as model program nationally

Saxaphone Quartet won National Competition (beating Juilliard team)

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