Week 10. March 30th to April 7th. Concerts

Monday March 30th. RECITAL: A.I. Lack Series Guest Recital – Cecilia Dunoyer and Marylene Dosse Peters (duo pianists): Around the Ravel Valse – Works by Ravel, Debussy, Chabrier, Poulenc, Milhaud. Dudley Recital Hall, 7:30 PM (1 card)

Tuesday March 31st. RECITAL: Elise Wagner (bassoon), Marat Rakhmatullaev (bassoon), Thomas LeGrand (clarinet), Lin Ma (clarinet), Adam Dinitz (English horn), John Truman (French horn), Aralee Dorough (flute), Jonathan Fischer (oboe), Mark Hughes (trumpet), Philip Hembree (trumpet), Phillip Freeman (bass trombone), Christopher French (cello), Eric Larson (bass) – Works by Stravinsky and Dvorak. Dudley Recital Hall, 7:30 PM (1 card)

Thursday April 2nd. CONCERT: Concert Chorale, Betsy Cook Weber (conductor) – Songs of Lent: Works by Allegri, Part, Esenvalds. Organ Recital Hall, 1:00 PM (1 card)

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