Week 13. April 14th to 20th. Culture!

Monday April 14th. THE ART OF OBSERVATION: Special Lecture by Dr. John Wolf.. Cullen Performance Hall, 11:00 AM (1 card – RARE CARD EVENT)

Monday April 14th. CONCERT: Aura Contemporary Ensemble – Range of Motion: Works by Norman, Quiroga, Roumain, Smith, Snug. Moores Opera House, 7:30 PM. (1 card)

Tuesday April 15th. CONCERT: Symphonic Band and Symphonic Winds – Works by Menotti, Ticheli, Fuchs, and Chambers. Moores Opera House, 7:30 PM. (1 card)

Wednesday April 16th. CONCERT: Jazz Orchestra – The Great American Song Book: Featuring the narration of Houston Radio icon Donna McKenzie in a multi-media presentation of works by Kern, Porter, Arlen, Rodgers, and the Gershwins. Moores Opera House, 7:30 PM. (1 card)

PLAY: The Philadelphia Story. Divorced from C.J. Dexter haven, Tracy Lord is engaged to a successful young snob. A gossip weekly sends a reporter and a camera woman to report the wedding arrangements and they are injected into the house by Tracy’s brother who hopes to divert their attention from father’s romance with a Broadway dancer. Tracy finds herself growing interested in Connor, the fascinating reporter. At the end of a pre wedding party, Tracer and Connor take a moonlight dip in the pool and meet her ex-husband and fiancé on their way back to the house. The following morning her intended agrees to forgive her, but his smug attitude enrages Tracy and she breaks off the engagement. Connor offers to marry her, but she turns him down and remarries Dexter, to the satisfaction of everyone. WORTHAM THEATRE, (1 card).

Friday April 18th. 8:00 PM

Saturday April 19th. 8:00 PM

Sunday April 20th. 2:00 PM


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