Famous Faculty

Management is one of 5 departments nationally to have multiple members of the Management Hall of Fame (including #1 ranked!)

2 Nobel Laureates associated with UH (cf. 3 with UT, 2 and 1/450th at A&M and 2 at Rice)
Jody Williams in Social Work (Peace Prize, 1997)

More combined Pulitzer, Nobel and Tony award winners at UH than any other school in Texas

Stuart Ostrow won 2 Tony awards.  Associate Director of Chicago (Faculty)
Mark Medoff won Tony for Children of  a Lesser God (visiting faculty 2008)
Sidney Berger, co-founder and former President of Shakespeare Theatre Association of America as well as National Theatre Conference (Faculty)
Edward Albee (3 Pulitzer Prizes and a Tony) faculty from 1989 – 2003

Abbey Simon (internationally renowned pianist – one of most recorded in world)

Paul Chu – National Science Medal Winner – world expert on superconductivity

Neal Amundson (National Academy of Science) (Chem Eng and Math)

Jan-Åke Gustafsson, a renowned figure in the study of hormones and a member of both the National Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Assembly (Biology and Chemistry)

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