Famous Alums (Non-sports)

Former secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings
Philip Zelikow (executive director of 9/11 commission)
Michael P. Jackson (Former Deputy DIrector of Homeland Security)
Kamal Kharazi (former Iranian Foreign Minister)
Brian Montgomery (Assistant Sec of Housing)
Peter Roussel (former White House Press Secretary)

Tom Delay

2008 Pulitzer Prize winner, Adrees Latif
2008 Miss USA, Crystle Stewart
2009 Miss Wheelchair America, Michelle Colvard

Rod Canion (co-founder of Compaq)
Samuel DiPiazza (CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers)
Karen W. Katz (CEO Neiman Marcus Group)
Ken Lay (former CEO of Enron!)
Alwyn Lewis (former CEO of Sears and KMart)
Bruce Williamson (CEO of Dynergy)

Dan Rather
Jim Nantz
Jack Valenti (Motion Picture Association of America, invented R, PG-13 etc :)
Quaid Brothers (Randy and Dennis)
Robert Wuhl
Brett Cullen
Loretta Devine (Boston Public and Gray’s Anatomy)
Larry Blyden (What’s my line)
Star Jones (The View)
Brent Spiner (Data in Star Trek, Next Generation)
Jim Parsons  (Big Bang)

Gregory Chamitoff (Astronaut)
Bonnie Dunbar (Astronaut)
William Fisher (Astronaut)
Bernard Harris (Astronaut)
Akihiko Hoshide (Astronaut)
John (Danny) Olivas (Astronaut)
Rex Walheim  (Astronaut)

Justin Dart (Presidential Medal of Freedom)

Larry Gatlin (of the Gatlin brothers)
Keith Grimwood (of Trout Fishing in America)
Kenny Rogers
Lil Wayne
Master P

US Legislature:

Gene Green
Ted Poe

Texas Legislature (I believe but am willing to be corrected that we have 2nd most alums in the Legislature of any school):

Alma Allen
Carol Alvarado
Bill Callegari
John Davis
Yvonne Davis
Jessica Farrar
Mario Gallegos (Senate)
Ana Hernandez
Chuck Hopson
Dora Olivo
Larry Phillips
Senfronia Thompson
Sylvester Turner
Leticia Van de Putte (Senate)
Hubert Vo
Armando Walle
Randy Weber
Royce West (Senate)
John Whitmire (Senate)
Beverly Wooley
Judith Zaffirini (Senate)
John Zerwas

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