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Young America Speaks

Posted on May 20th, by Sarah Spring in Debate Pedagogy. Comments Off on Young America Speaks

In the early 1960s, Sinclair Oil sponsored the innovative “Young America Speaks” debate show, on WFAA the Dallas NBC affiliate. The UH Archives have some amazing photos of UH on the show, featuring some very classy UH blazers.

While I’m still researching the show (hopefully I’ll be able to find some footage) I think the concept should be revived, it has to be better than insert your least favorite reality show here.




What I do know about the show comes from alums like Carmen (Stallings) Finn and Lance Funston who told my Advocacy class about their TV debate moment of fame.

Here’s a good snapshot of the event from the Abilene Optimist.

More later…

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And we’re off!

The team has departed, with Nader, for GSU. #GoCoogs

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