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Known Unknowns – Preseason Anxiety and Debate

Posted on August 12th, by Sarah Spring in College Debate, Debate Pedagogy, Debate Topics, High School Debate, Research. Comments Off on Known Unknowns – Preseason Anxiety and Debate

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PreSeason Anxiety? 

Preseason Anxiety can strike at any time. This sufferer has not yet recovered.

August is a tough time for debaters, in both high school and college. Debate camp is over. “Real” school is about to start again. But what causes us to lose the most sleep, more than even what to wear on the first day of class, is the total uncertainty of predicting what this season’s debate topic will bring.

Upcoming Team Events

Posted on July 23rd, by Sarah Spring in Team Information. Comments Off on Upcoming Team Events

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And we’re off!

The team has departed, with Nader, for GSU. #GoCoogs

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