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Debate is a Game

Posted on July 25th, by Sarah Spring in Debate Pedagogy. 1 Comment

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I’ve recently been putting together curriculum for next week’s Houston Urban Debate League (HUDL) summer workshop and I’ve been looking for new ways to teach debate to students who are encountering debate for the first time.

The amazing part of debate, even to outsiders, is the passion and enthusiasm it creates in students for even the most arcane and complex topics. High school students spending hours researching the history of US foreign policy towards Latin America? Yes, it happens. Competitive debate somehow motivates students to learn even the most impenetrable subjects. How? Competition. The thrill of the game creates highly engaged students because they want to win.

But the impenetrability of the material is also the problem.Novices are often overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of debate jargon in addition to the difficult content of the topic that they are … Read More »

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And we’re off!

The team has departed, with Nader, for GSU. #GoCoogs

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