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Policy Debate at the University of Houston features a competitive debate team, a public debate series, and an exciting cluster of courses. These academic and co-curricular events are supported by and integrated into the Honors College, in particular the Leadership Studies Minor (launching this Fall!). The program draws on diverse academic resources such as rhetoric, ethics, and politics and requires research into complex matters of public policy such as energy, the environment, and health care.


By demanding research, evidence, and reasoning, collegiate policy debate pushes students to understand contemporary political issues and to make informed, real-world decisions. Tournaments foster public speaking ability, encourage civic engagement, and develop leadership.

Policy Debate at Houston is open to all students, from novices to seasoned competitors.

Among the largest and most dynamic cities in the United States, Houston provides many opportunities for community engagement and serious consideration of complex public issues.

Through partnerships with high school debate programs such as HUDL, the Houston Urban Debate League, and the annual public debate series, the Policy Debate Program engages the community in a dialogue about pressing policy issues. Future collaborations with the University of Houston Law Center, the Phronesis Program in Politics and Ethics, the Medicine & Society program, and the Leadership Studies initiative provide further opportunities for development.


UH Policy Debate Blog

Honors Policy Debate team argue merits of fracking – The Daily Cougar
Jenny Reiss Fracking is neither sustainable nor will it bridge the way towards renewable energy

Any environmental risk is reason enough to calm enthusiasm for...

And we’re off!

The team has departed, with Nader, for GSU. #GoCoogs

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