Getting over being Lonely and Becoming Involved

UH is so intimidating.  If a student isn’t very outgoing, then it can be too intimidating.  We have had several inquiries from PALS about how students get involved.  Here are some tips:

a) Get to know your classmates.  They’re as scared as you are!  Swap phone numbers, e-mails, facebooks etc.

b) Get to know your (friendly) instructors.  For a small class, go and say hello after class.  For large classes, go and see them in their office hours.  Introduce yourself.  Ask about them, their subject, why they came to UH etc.

c) Join an Organization.   There is a good website with a link to a searchable list of organizations at Student Organizations

d) Go To Events. Attend concerts, plays, athletics, lectures, etc. To encourage you to do this, we have a program Cougar Trading Cards. Collect these by going to all kinds of things on campus and trade them in for prizes. Collect the whole set and get a $1000 scholarship!

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