GENERAL HELP:  Dean of Students Office.  UC 252.  Can help or refer with most non-academic issues (and sometimes help with the academic ones too)


COUNSELING:  UH provides an excellent counselling service.

If you think a student needs immediate help: 

  1. MHMRA: (713)970-7000
  2. Crisis Intervention of Houston: (713)HOT-LINE or (713)468-5463
  3. Mobile Crisis Outreach Team: (713)970-7520
  4. University of Houston Department of Public Safety (713)743-3333
  5. National Strategy for Suicide Prevention: (800)273-8255

Otherwise send them to CAPS.  Walking them over to SSC 226 will speed up the process.  Call first if you can (713-743-5454):

MEDICAL: We have a superb  Health Center which also provides Dental services:

In addition, the Optometry School has an excellent clinic:

LOANS: Books: and apply at

Emergency:  The Dean of Students Office can make emergency loans not to do with books/tuition.

Tuition/Fees: and apply at

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