A majority of incoming students have already picked their “major” – the subject that they plan to graduate in.

Generally, a major links a student with a college and department.  They will need to talk with the advisor associated with their major.

The list of advisors may be found at

If you want to try to call the particular advisor to help your student, go ahead.

There are several terms to be aware of with this.


Once a student has registered for classes, they can only change majors by going to the department they WANT to major in!

Many majors just require a student to be in “good standing.”   However, Engineering, Business, Education, Hotel Restaurant Management and several departments have extra requirements.

In these cases, ideally, you should just be able to send the student to the appropriate advisor.  However, if the advisors are overloaded, you can find out the information as follows:






A lot of incoming students are premed, predent etc.  These are not “real majors” – but describe courses of study towards a student getting into medical or pharmacy school etc.  Their advisors are in Cougar Village 2.


These students are based in Exploratory Studies.  Their advising is also in Cougar Village 2.

THE LONGER A STUDENT GOES WITHOUT A MAJOR, THE LOWER THEIR CHANCES OF GRADUATING.  So – if one of your students is in the category, encourage them to try to pick one.

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