First of all – dropping and withdrawing are two DIFFERENT things.

Students drop a class but are still enrolled in others.

However, when they withdraw, they have no classes left, i.e., they withdraw from school for the semester.

Students do this online at Peoplesoft.

DEADLINES (http://www.uh.edu/financial/payment/refunds/index.php)

There are a number of deadlines for getting some money back:

Dropped by September 9th – 100% refund for the dropped class(es)

Withdrawn by August 23rd -100% refund – $15

Withdrawn between August 24th and 28th – 80% refund

Withdrawn between August 29th and September 4th – 70% refund

Withdrawn between September 5th and 14th – 50% refund

Withdrawn between September 15th and 21st – 25% refund

Withdrawn after September  21st РNO REFUND!


Students need to maintain their hours to remain completely eligible for financial aid and scholarships.

For financial aid, they need to keep 75% of:

6 hours if halftime

9 hours if 3/4 time

12 hours if fulltime

For scholarships limitations and rules, they need to look at the terms of their original scholarship.

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