How to set a clicker channel.

To set your clicker channel:

  1. Plug the receiver into your computer.
  2. Open TurningPoint 5.
  3. Clicking on the receiver channel number.
  4. A window will open where you can select a new channel number then click close. Once the channel number is set you will not need to reset it again.

How to sign in to ResponseWare through TurningPoint5.

ResponseWare allows participants to use mobile devices that operate on the iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry, or PalmOS platforms during clicker sessions. They will also be able to participate through a web browser. To use ReponseWare, you must first obtain a session ID and then configure TP5 to use the service.

To configure TP5:

  1. Open TP5. In the top right corner of the dashboard, click the ResponseWare: Click to Connect link.
  2. Enter your ResponseWare ID and password (this information was emailed to you when your ResponseWare account was created).
  3. Select the Require Login radio button.
  4. Enter your Session ID. Click here for more information about Session IDs.
  5. Click Login.
  6. Review the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use and click Accept.
  7. Verify the Session ID window displays. Click Close. The Session ID will display in the top right corner of the TP5 Dashboard. NOTE: You will need to click the Click to Connect ResponseWare link before each clicker session to enable the ResponseWare session.

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How to obtain a ResponseWare session ID.

ResponseWare allows students to participate in clicker sessions using mobile devices that operate on the iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry, or PalmOS platforms. They will also be able to participate through a web browser.

To use ResponseWare in your class, you will first need to obtain a Session ID. This  Session ID is similar to setting the channel on the receiver and allows students to connect to your session via WiFi. Once created, the Session ID will remain with your account and can be used again throughout the semester.

To obtain a session ID:

  1. Go to and log in with your ResponseWare username and password (this information was emailed to you).
  2. Click on the Reserve or change your session ID link.
  3. Enter a Session ID and click OK. It is recommended you select a session ID of no more than 7 characters.

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How to Continue an In Progress Clicker Session

If you stopped a presentation before the end, you can continue the session without resetting and losing your date. To do this:

  1. At the end of the first presentation run, save the session as you normally would.
  2. When you start the second run, launch TurningPoint > PowerPoint Polling.
  3. When PowerPoint opens, click File > Open and select the presentation.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Select the session you want to continue.
  6. Run the session from the point you stopped at before and save as usual. Note: DO NOT RESET THE SESSION! TurningPoint will start the session with previously saved data and continue adding the new data. The file saved at the end of all runs will contain response data from all sessions.

How to Use Pictures as Answers in Clicker Slides

Text-based answer options can be converted to pictures when visual aids would be beneficial to the audience.

Since pictures are being used as answers, the horizontal and offset charts will not align correctly with the answers. It is recommend that a vertical, 3D pie, distributed pie or doughnut chart be used. Short answer, essay and moment to moment slides do not support the Convert to Picture tool.

  1. Create a polling slide. The text in the answer region will be replaced by pictures. Therefore, it is recommended to use descriptive words or phrases in the answer region because this text will be used for the chart labels, reports, extracted question lists and in the session editor. Correct answer indicators need to be inserted on the slide before converting it to a picture slide.

  1. Use PowerPoint’s Insert > Picture menu to insert one picture for each answer choice.
  2. Resize and arrange the pictures so that they are properly displayed on the slide.
  3. To assign the pictures to proper answer choice follow these steps:
    • Ensure that no objects on the slide are selected by clicking outside the slide.
    • Click the picture that corresponds to the first answer choice.
    • Hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click the second picture. Now both the first and second pictures are selected.
  4. Repeat step c for each additional picture until all of the pictures have been selected.
  5. Click Tools on the TurningPoint ribbon and select Convert to Picture.

The pictures are given a label and the text-based answer options are now hidden. The pictures can be resized and arranged as necessary.

How to Customize Clicker Slides

TurningPoint offers several static and interactive objects you can add to slides. Two useful objects are the Countdown Indicator and Correct Answer Indicators.

Countdown Indicator

This timer provides a visual cue that polling is about to close as it counts down to zero. When the countdown expires, the indicator disappears and polling is automatically closed.

  1. Launch TurningPoint and click PowerPoint Polling.
  2. Click Object on the TurningPoint Ribbon and select Countdown.
  3. Select one of the four different designs.
  4. The indicator is placed on the slide. You can move or resize to better fit the slide.
  5. To change the length of the countdown, click on the number and set it to the desired countdown length.
  6. Click OK.

Correct Answer Indicator

  1. Click Object on the TurningPoint Ribbon and mouse over Correct Answer Indicator.
  2. Select a Correct Answer Indicator.
  3. TP places this indicator on your slide. This indicator will appear after polling is finished and you click to advance the slide.

How to Change the Color Scheme of TurningPoint5 Graphs

  1. From the TurningPoint Dashboard, click the Preferences button in the bottom right corner of the window.
  2. Click PowerPoint in the left pane of the Preferences window.
  3. In the right panel, select Charts > Chart Colors. Set the color scheme to Correct/Incorrect if you would like the correct answer bar to be green and the incorrect answer bar red.
  4. Click Apply All to apply this setting to all slides in the presentation.

You can also update these settings from within PowerPoint. With a clicker slide open:

  1. Click the graph section of the slide.
  2. Select the desired chart colors.

How to Email Unregistered Clicker Users

Within your Blackboard Learn course, you can see all users and their device IDs. To email a reminder to students to register their clickers:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Turning Technologies Instructor Registration Tool. In the window, you’ll see a list of all users in the course along with the device ID registered to each student.
  2. Click “Send email to all unregistered students.” A message opens with the names of all students who have not registered a clicker. You can modify the message as needed to include instructions or more information.
  3. Click Submit. An email will be sent to their email address.

How to Set-up a Clicker Registration Link

Log in to your Blackboard Learn course and select the course page where you want to add the registration link. It is recommended you add the link to either the Course Content or Course Information page. In the example below, we’ll add the link to the Course Content page.

From the Course Content page:
  1. Click Tools > More Tools > Registration Block.
  2. On the Create Link page, Bb Learn names the link TurningPoint Registration Tool by default. You can rename the link something students will recognize such as Clicker Registration.
  3. In the description, consider adding a message regarding what students should do if they need help. See #3 below for a suggested message.
  4. Click Submit. The registration link now displays on the course page.

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