How to set up Lockdown Browser in Learn.

Respondus Lockdown Browser (or LDB) is a tool used to provide additional security for tests and quizzes. It prohibits students from navigating away from their exam/quiz and looking at other resources on the web during the testing period. LDB can be used on a student’s personal computer or in the University Testing Center. You can set a password and distribute it to students or to the Testing Center. In the Testing Center, proctors will enter the password before students can begin the test.

To set up LDB for your exam/quiz:

  1. From the Control Panel, click Course Tools > Respondus Lockdown Browser.
  2. Find the test you want to lockdown, click the action link, and select Modify Settings.
  3. Click the radio button to Require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this Exam.
  4. Enter a password to access the exam.
  5. Click Save and Close.

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