How to create a timed quiz.

Click here for instructions to create a quiz.

To make sure students only have a certain amount of time to complete the quiz, you will set the timer on the quiz. To do this from the quiz Test Options, scroll down to the Test Availability section and check the Set Timer box. Enter the amount of time students will have to complete the quiz. If you want the system to automatically submit the quiz once time has expired, click the Auto-Submit ON radio button.

Determine any other Test Options and click Submit.

How to change the Smart View links in the Learn Control Panel.

The links that appear under Full Grade Center are simply Smart Views that have been starred as favorites. Smart Views are a way to filter your gradebook to show selected columns/items. By default, you will see Assignments and Tests.

To change the Smart View links that display:

  1. From Full Grade Center, click Manage > Smart Views.
  2. Click the star icons to add a Smart View as a favorite. You can also create new Smart Views.
  3. The starred smart views now display as links in Control Panel > Grade Center.

How to upload data from different spreadsheets to the same gradebook column in Learn.

If you have several TAs who upload grades to Learn or several instructors share the same grade book in a merged course, you may have a need to upload several times to the same gradebook column using different source documents.

To understand how to upload multiple times to the same column in Learn, you must first understand how Learn tracks columns. Each column is given a 4-6 digit column ID. When you download your gradebook from Grade Center, you will see this column ID  in the header of each column. This code is needed to match the column in your offline spreadsheet to the same column in Learn.

To upload multiple times to the same gradebook column:

  1. From Full Grade Center, click the action link for the column and select Quick Column Information.
  2. Note the column ID.
  3. Open the spreadsheet with the data you want to upload. Note: Remember, a column with CougarNet IDs are necessary to upload any gradebook files to Learn. Also, be sure to keep a back-up copy of any data in case you encounter a problem.
  4. Enter the column ID in the column header with the relevant data (e.g. Assignment 5 | 71236). Note: It is very important you use the correct code. Double-check the column ID before you proceed.
  5. Upload to Grade Center.
  6. Repeat steps 3-6 as necessary to upload all data. Scores will be added to the existing Grade Center column.

When will You Use This?

These steps are helpful when working with a variety of data including Testing Center results and third party publisher scores. Any data with CougarNet IDs can be uploaded multiple times to gradebook without needing to download a new sheet from Grade Center.

This can also be used by TAs working on a spreadsheet downloaded at the beginning of the semester. You can create the grade center column, email the TAs the column code, and they can upload multiple times to the same column without needing a new grade center download.

How to Create a Smart View in Grade Center

To view certain columns, you can create Smart Views to filter the Grade Center. Once created, Smart Views can be turned on or off as desired.

Step I: Create the Smart View
  1. From the Control Panel, click Grade Center > Full Grade Center.
  2. Click the Manage drop-down menu and select Smart Views.
  3. Click the Create Smart View button.
  4. Enter a Name for the Smart View (e.g. Test Group 1)
  5. In Type of View, select the appropriate type. For example, click the Course Group radio button.
  6. Enter the desired Selection Criteria. For example, to see users in a particular group, enter the following:
    1. User Criteria: Group
    2. Condition: Equal to
    3. Value: Test 1
  7. Click Submit.

Step II: Apply the Smart View
  1. From the Full Grade Center, click the Filter button located next to the Work Offline drop-down menu. The filter menu displays.
  2. Click the Current View drop-down menu and select your created Smart View (i.e. Test Group 1).
  3. The gradebook now shows only those covered by the smart view.

How to Deploy a Recorded Blackboard Collaborate Session

To deploy a recorded blackboard collaborate session:

  1. Access the recording though Control Panel > Course Tools > Bb Collaborate > Recordings and choose the recording you want to deploy.
  2. Click the action link next to the session title and select Add Content Item.
  3. Modify the session name if needed and select the content area where you want to session link to appear.
  4. Provide optional descriptions, comments, or display dates.
  5. Click Submit. A link to the recording is added to the selected content page.

How to Download Selected Files from Learn

Step I: Collect Files

To download multiple files from your course, you will first place them together in a folder.

  1. From Control Panel > Content Collection, click on the course Content Collection (the link with the same name as your course).
  2. Click the Create Folder button.
  3. Enter a name for the folder and click Submit. In this example, we’ve named the folder Download.
  4. Check the boxes next to the files you want to download.
  5. Click the Move button.
  6. On the Move Content page, section 2, click the Browse button to find the destination folder.
  7. In the Select Folder window, click the radio button to select the Download folder.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click Submit again to move the content into the folder.

Step II: Download the Folder
  1. Click the action link next to the Download folder.
  2. Select Download Package. The folder is downloaded to your system as a .zip file. It can most likely be found in your Downloads folder.

How to Copy a Folder from One Course to Another in Learn

To copy a content folder from one Learn Course to another:

  1. From a content page, locate the folder you want to copy.
  2. Click the action link and select Copy.
  3. Select the Destination Course from the drop down menu.
  4. Select the Destination Folder.
  5. Click Submit. A copy of the folder along with all contents will be copied into the new course.

How to Run a Blackboard Collaborate Session

You’ve created and deployed your Blackboard Collaborate session and now you’re ready to meet with your class online. Follow the steps below to run your Blackboard Collaborate session.

NOTE: You will follow the same steps to record an asynchronous session for your students to access and watch on their own.

  1. From Control Panel > Course Tools > Blackboard Collaborate, click the session you want to access. NOTE: Java is needed to launch a Blackboard Collaborate session. You may be required to download and launch a Java applet to continue. You may also be prompted to select your connection type.
  2. Once the Blackboard Collaborate session opens, load any content (e.g. PowerPoint slides) and test your microphone/webcam, if necessary. Click here to learn more about the available Blackboard Collaborate Session tools.
  3. Once you are ready to begin, click Start to begin recording the session.
  4. Once the session is finished, click the Recording button to stop/pause the recording. NOTE: Recording button is actually a “Pause” button. Each session is a continuing recording session for the duration of the scheduled time. You can click on the Recording button to pause the recording and then click on the Recording button again to resume the recording. NOTE: Recorded session cannot be created until every student leaves the room.
  5. Click OK to verify you want to stop/pause the recording.
  6. When you are finished with the session, click File > Save > Chat or Participants list or Quiz or Whiteboard to save data any from the course meeting, if necessary.
  7. Close out the session window. Click OK to confirm you want to leave the session. NOTE: The session will remain open and accessible until the predetermined end time.

How to Create a Blackboard Collaborate Session

Yes! Blackboard Learn has a built-in virtual classroom system called Blackboard Collaborate (not to be confused with the Learn tool called Collaboration). You can use Blackboard Collaborate to meet with your class synchronously at a predetermined time. You can also record lectures in Blackboard Collaborate and have students view them at their convenience.  Follow the instructions below to create and deploy a Blackboard Collaborate session.

Step I: Schedule a Session
  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Blackboard Collaborate.
  2. Click the Create Session button.
  3. Edit the session name, if desired.
  4. Set the Start Date and End Date.
  5. Edit other settings as desired.
  6. Click Submit to create the session.

Step II: Deploy the Session

You have two main options when deploying a Blackboard Collaborate session.

Option 1:

  1. After the session has been created, access it from Control Panel > Course Tools > Blackboard Collaborate.
  2. Click on the action link next to the session title and select Add Content Item.
  3. Select the content area where you’d like the Blackboard Collaborate link to display.
  4. Enter any optional instructions or display dates.
  5. Click Submit to populate the session in the content area for students to access.
Option 2:
  1. During the creation of the new session, click on the Content Area tab on top of the Create Session page.
  2. Follow steps 3-5 from Option 1.

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