How to Send a Gradmark Rubric to Another Instructor

TurnItIn/GradeMark allows you to export a rubric from one course and import it in another. Here’s how:

Step1: Export the rubric:

  1. Expand Course Tools in the Control Panel and select TurnItIn assignments.
  2. On the TurnItIn assignments screen, click on title of the assignment you are working with to open up the TurnItIn Inbox.
  3. Click on Libraries and select Rubric Manager.
  4. Click on the List icon in the upper left of the Rubric Manager and select the rubric to be exported.
  5. Once the rubric is displayed, click on the Export/Import button at the top right and select Export. Follow the prompts to save the .rbc file in a desired location.
    The saved file can be emailed to another instructor who can now import it into their course.

Step2: Import the rubric:

1-3. Repeat steps 1-3 from the instructions above to access the Rubric Manager in the course where this set is to be imported.

4.  Click on the Export/Import button at the top right and select Import.

5.  Browse to locate the .rbc file downloaded to your computer and click Import. When completed, click Close to return to the Rubric Manager.

6. The imported rubric will be displayed in Rubric Manager, and can be accessed later on through the List icon in the upper left.

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