How to Create Questions for TurningPoint Anywhere

If you have questions lists created in TurningPoint 2008, you can easily import them into TP5. Click here to learn how to import existing TurningPoint question lists.

To create new questions, you will first set up a question list and then add questions.

Set up the Question List

  1. From the TurningPoint dashboard, click the Content tab.
  2. Click Question List > New.
  3. In the Question List Wizard, enter a Name and optional description.
  4. Click Preferences to expand. Select any additional options. These options will be the default for all questions created in this question list. However, you can make changes to individual questions later as necessary. NOTE: The default Question and Answer font size is 12pt. This displays very small on a projection screen. It is highly recommended you increase this font size to at least 28pt.
  5. Click Save As Preset to save these defaults for future use. You will be prompted to name and save the present.
  6. Click Save.

Add Questions

  1. From the Question List page, click the pencil icon to open a question for editing.
  2. Enter text for the question and all answer choices. NOTE: The text editor includes many features you can incorporate into your questions: hyperlinks, images, formulas, etc.
  3. Determine additional Question, Polling and Scoring options (e.g. add a countdown click, select the correct answer, etc.)
  4. Click the arrow button to advance to the next question.
  5. When you finish creating questions, click Close.
  6. NOTE: From the main question screen, you can drag and drop questions to rearrange the order. You can also choose a different question type, change the number of answer choices and determine additional options.
  7. When all questions and options are set, click Save and Close. The Question List is created and is added to the Content Folder.

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