Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are upperclassmen honors students who care about the Honors College and wish to guide incoming students in their honors experience. All Honors Mentors are volunteers from various majors and backgrounds.


Who will have a mentor?

All first year Honors students, whether they are freshmen or not, will be assigned a mentor before their first Fall semester begins.


How do I find out who my mentor is?

At New Student Orientation, you will receive an Honors Planner, which will have your mentor’s name and contact information inside.


How do I contact my mentor?

 The planner includes an email address and phone number for your mentor. You are welcome to contact them to ask questions or just introduce yourself. If not, your mentor should be in touch before the fall semester begins.


Can I pick my mentor?

Unfortunately, students cannot choose their mentor. All incoming Honors students will be assigned a mentor. Not to worry though, all of the mentors are equally fantastic!


What are the requirements for participation in the mentor program?

There are no requirements for participation. You can participate as much as you want in the program. Your mentor is there for your benefit.


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