About the Program

The Honors College Mentorship Program was initiated in 2010 as a way to ease the transition from high school to college for Honors freshmen. The program is designed to enhance the freshman experience from the moment a student picks their classes. Mentors can help freshmen connect to the Honors College as well as a group of their peers with whom they can relate.

All incoming Honors students are assigned a mentor when they attend New Student Orientation. The mentors are upperclassmen Honors students from different backgrounds and majors who are devoted to guiding new students through the changes and confusion that accompany the transition to college. In addition to providing advice and wisdom, mentors serve as counselors at the annual Honors Retreat, lead weekly or biweekly meetings for their groups and host other events such as Dinner with the Professor.

All mentors are volunteers who serve because they want to pass on the exciting Honors experiences and opportunities to new students. The mentors love the University of Houston and want to show new students exactly why they do. 

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