Programs and Initiatives

Innov8 Speaker Series – The Innov8 series highlights and promotes academic innovation at UH and beyond in eight-minute talks. These talks are supported by blogs, discussion boards, and links to other resources here, but they stand on their own as well.

We’ve created a truncated format in which our speakers have to do something unusual to get their messages across. We’ve asked them to inspire us. We’ve asked them to tell a story. We’ve asked them to show us how they are helping to create the future of higher education through teaching, research, service, and policy. We’ve asked them to innovate.

Bonner Leaders Program – The Bonner Leaders Program at the University of Houston is a structured way for community members, faculty, and students to work together to respond to the economic, social, and cultural challenges through education, research, and service.

Bonner Leaders are students chosen for their high academic performance, commitment to service, and leadership potential. These students dedicate at least ten hours each week and 270 hours each year to direct service in partnership with community organizations. They also receive substantial skills, knowledge, and leadership training, allowing them to develop into capable, competent servant leaders during their four years in the program and to contribute meaningfully to the work of their host organizations.