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Employers and graduate and professional school selection committees are now seeking more than just a traditional résumé from candidates. Interested parties want to know more about who you really are, and will likely search online to find out more about your accomplishments as an undergraduate. Whether you are headed directly into the workforce, or planning to apply for graduate or professional school, developing an ePortfolio will enable you to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

The Honors College has created an ePortfolio program to provide you with the resources needed to successfully showcase your career in Honors. For more information and to add the ePortfolio link to your Blackboard Learn account, visit the program online at TheHonorsCollege.com/ePortfolio.

This site provides step-by-step information on how to create your ePortfolio using Google’s free website creation tool. Each page contains items to consider when creating your content, helpful tips, and links to additional resources.

Plan ahead.
Having your materials organized before creating your ePortfolio will ease the site creation process. Before creating your ePortfolio you should have: a rough sitemap sketched, your welcome statement developed, and any other artifacts you wish to upload to your ePortfolio. You will develop and then share your portfolio by publishing your project.

Consider This:

  • What do I wish to share about myself?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What do I want to appear in an online search?

Additional Resources:
Tutorial video on how to get started.

Tutorial video on how to store your work in My Portfolios.

An excellent ePortfolio created by Cesar Figueroa.

Here is a link to a PDF on how to store your work in My Portfolios is attached below.


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